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Thumb and Finger Sucking

Sucking is a very normal and natural experience for young children, often beginning before your child is born.  Most children stop thumb, finger or pacifier habits by 2 to 4 years old.  In children that continue their habits, the front teeth may tip outward or not come in properly.  The amount of time per day and the intensity of the sucking can affect the extent to which the habit will impact your child’s teeth.  The more time per day and the more intense the sucking is, the more likely your child’s bite and jaw growth will be affected.  Dr. Hoban will closely monitor your child’s teeth and bite and may recommend early intervention to help stop the habit.  The encouragement of Dr. Hoban and her staff as well as you as a parent is enough to help most children stop their sucking habit.  If your child needs a little extra help, an appliance can be made to interfere with the habit.  Early orthodontic treatment may also be necessary depending on each individual child.

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